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Blue nail polish is a trend chosen by many young people. Blue color not only makes your hands attractive but also enhances your beauty no matter what outfit you are wearing. So what is the reason why blue nail designs have never been “hot”?

The hottest blue nail polish 

In the past few years, blue nail designs have become an attractive color for many young people and become the leading color in the beauty industry. Until now, this nail model has never lost its “hot” level. Referring to the blue color is to show class, never go out of fashion but still have a little bit of classic in it.

The elegant and luxurious beauty of the girls not only increased a few steps but also made the outfits more eye-catching than ever. The nail technicians are especially creative and transform simple blue colors into artistic “masterpieces” that everyone must fall in love with.

In addition, the blue nail model is also loved and adored by many top stars because of the trendy blue tones that are diverse in both colors and textures. In addition, the color blue is not only unique in color but also stands out for its deep meaning.

The meaning of the blue nail pattern

Blue is the color of peace, hiding behind the coolness and comfort is the meaning of loyalty and trust. Blue nail designs help girls become more attractive and this is also a sign of hope, solidity and youth. You will feel more confident and comfortable when “wearing” this nail model.

The meaning of this color is not only that, the most appropriate symbol to explain is the sky and the ocean. The peace, endless immensity of the sky, the calmness and lightness of the ocean make the whole body like to sink into a peaceful, strangely comfortable realm.

Although blue nails are so familiar to many people, for beauty lovers, this is still an attractive color. You can refer to some nail designs online to beautify your hands in the upcoming New Year holidays.

How to have beautiful blue nails

How to keep nail polish as long as possible is a question many girls ask. Just follow the 5 steps below you can keep your nails as durable as you want.

Step 1: Clean your hands to remove all dirt and grease.

Step 2: Cut your nails, file them in your favorite shape.

Step 3: Apply a thin first coat of primer and let it dry for 60 seconds before applying color polish.

  • If the nail is weak and soft, to make the nail more durable, you can apply two coats of primer to strengthen the nail as well as improve the nail.
  • If your nails are severely damaged or rough, you can use an extra layer of Middle Coat for smoother nails.

Step 4: Apply a layer of color nail polish. To paint evenly, you slope backwards and rotate, roll evenly on your hand, then gently screw the bottle cap and use a brush to take a sufficient amount of paint and apply directly to the nail. There are a few small notes you need to pay attention to:

  • You should paint from 2 layers to paint the right color instead of just painting once as usual.
  • In order for the paint to be glossy and durable, you should sweep the paint along the nail, sweep in the middle first, then sweep on the sides of the nail.

Step 5: Let the paint dry for 3 minutes and then apply another layer of glossy paint to increase the durability of the paint color. You also need to pay a little attention in this last step:

  • When applying paint layers, you should lock the nail tip so that water and chemicals do not penetrate inside, ensuring better durability and nail care.
  • When painting nails, you should paint a small distance from the skin of your hands (with a hair) to avoid the paint sticking to the skin, which will make it easier to peel off.

What tools do you need to prepare for blue nail polish?

Like performing other nail designs, when painting nails with blue tones, you need to prepare some of the following tools. Consists of:

  • Blue tone nail polish
  • primer
  • Nail Tape
  • Nail decoration paper
  • False nails (if needed)
  • Tools for cutting and drawing nails
  • Nail brush
  • Led light

Blue nail polish is a popular color that many girls love. If you are wondering what paint color to choose for your hands, blue will definitely be the best choice for you. Hope these sharing will help you get more useful information.

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