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For a long time, Korean matte nail polish has been chosen by many women to adorn their hands. This model brings high aesthetic effect, exuding elegance, simplicity and femininity. With just a few simple steps, you can completely create an impressive nail design by yourself, expressing your own personality right at home.

The aesthetic effect of Korean matte nail polish

Currently, with the constant creativity from nail polish materials, colors and textures for the nail set, women have many options when it comes to decorating their hands. One of the outstanding trends that will never stop being hot is Korean matte nail polish.

This type of paint is also known as matte paint, with the characteristic of creating a certain roughness on the nail surface. The gloss of this nail model is not too prominent, instead it is standard roughness, contributing to minimizing scratches or water absorption.

At the same time, the color of the matte paint is somewhat darker but does not cause “dull” or opaque color. The aesthetic effect of the matte nail model is a set of nails with moderate gloss, exuding gentleness, tenderness but no less nobility.

The color and durability of Korean matte nail polish is what makes many women popular. With a color tone that is not too prominent and bright, women can easily coordinate outfits, especially in a luxurious and gentle style like office workers.

Current fashion Korean matte nail polish colors

The Korean matte nail polish palette is very diverse, easy for women to choose according to their personal preferences. However, there are a number of outstanding color tones that are suitable for all subjects and are becoming the current trend. Specifically:

  • Matte black nail polish: This color has the ability to raise skin tone well, especially suitable for girls with light skin. Matte black is also the perfect choice to show off the seductive and mysterious beauty;
  • Moss green matte nail polish: This color is gentle, noble, can be suitable for all subjects of all ages. Moreover, the moss green nail polish color is not too picky about the skin and the color of the outfit, so it is easy to express your personal style;
  • Gray matte nail polish: This is a color in the same cold tone, quite prominent and chosen by many people. Gray color catches the light quite well, combined with standard roughness to create a high aesthetic effect. At the same time, this color also shows the subtlety of the woman’s character;
  • Brown matte nail polish: If you have dark skin, this is the perfect choice. The rough brown color is not too glossy, not too bright, but can be harmonized with the skin, forming a gentle and loving beauty;
  • Red matte nail polish: This is an outstanding but not flashy color, showing the charm but no less gentle. Currently, many women love matte red not only because of its aesthetic effect but also in the durability of this matte paint material.

Instructions on how to apply Korean standard nail polish

A beautiful nail model will contribute to making women confident. If you do not have the time and conditions to go to a reputable beauty salon, you can create an impressive nail design yourself at home. Using Korean matte nail polish will be the perfect choice. The steps are simple as follows:

  • Step 1: Clean nails. This is a pretty important step, deciding whether the nail polish effect is even, standard and beautiful. Use one part warm water to soak your hands for 5-7 minutes. Combine with specialized tools in nail art to cut away the nail and excess skin. Then use a soft, dry cloth to wipe it clean, ready for the next step;
  • Step 2: Shape your nails. A beautiful nail model is not only reflected in the way the nail is painted or decorated, but also in the style of the nail. Choosing the right shape will help your hands slimmer and look more beautiful. With nail clippers and nail files, you can shape square, round or oval shapes;
  • Step 3: Paint the base layer. This is a necessary step to create a protective base for the nails. Apply a light, thin base layer from the top cuticle down to the nail. Let dry for 7-10 minutes;
  • Step 4: Paint the matte paint. After the base coat dries, proceed to paint in your favorite color. Pay attention to the technique, gently and evenly pull the paint layer from top to bottom, avoiding uneven drying, affecting the aesthetics. If you don’t like plain paint, you can use a small brush or toothpick to create textures, making the nail more impressive.
  • Step 5: Paint the second layer of rough paint. If you do not add texture to the nail set, you should proceed to apply a second layer of color to help the work become more perfect. After 3-5 minutes, you will have a perfect nail design for yourself.

Korean matte nail polish is the perfect choice for an impressive and luxurious nail set that you should try. With the detailed instructions above, hopefully you can succeed with your first DIY nail art at home.

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